The Nest - Kenya

The Nest, baby orphanage

The Nest is a baby and children’s home which was founded in 1997 by a woman seeking to help children. When these children mothers are arrested, typically for petty crimes, the children are left without care. Fortunately, when the women are released, they are reunited with their children. These women are allowed to stay at the Nest’s halfway house until they get back on their feet. mum2mum greatly feels the need to support the Nest's efforts.


The Nest takes in abandoned children under the age of 2 and cares for them until an extended family can be found or an adoption can be arranged through social workers. Often the babies move to the children’s home when they are a bit older. Afterwards, they are provided academic education along with the rest of the children while awaiting their mothers’ release.

The Nest, children's' home